The world around us is changing constantly, and in order to accomplish our ambitions we all have to change with it. Therefore, we are always looking out for new developments, methodologies, and ways of working within the procurement environment that foster success. Read below about our new developments.

Sourcing Business Models and Vested

Selecting the best-fit Sourcing Business Model (SBM) is the newest development in SRM to classify your supplier relationships and provides hands-on ways to structure your collaboration. This new approach is based upon research from 2015 by professor Kate Vitasek (and co-authors) of the University of Tennessee.

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I am very happy to work closely together with NEVI Purspective to set the next steps into the future of procurement and supply chain management. NEVI-Purspective, European Center of Excellence for Sourcing Business Models and Vested, provides trainings, workshops and coaching sessions on Sourcing Business Models and Vested, in order to foster a new generation in procurement professionalism.
Kate Vitasek Faculty, Graduate & Executive Education at the University of Tennessee and Founder of the Vested philosophy

Sustainable Procurement

Good procurement leads to good margins and determines the quality of the products and services coming into the organisation. In this day and age of transparency and more demanding customers and consumers, it is essential that you have insight into the entire supply chain. You need to be aware of the story behind your product/service. This kind of insight enables you to identify, inform, collaborate, and innovate.

ISO 20400 is the international standard that identifies social issues and gives procurement professionals a solid footing in realising their organisation’s social objectives.

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