R-CEPt ™ – Roadmap to Competence Excellence in Procurement

Since November 2001 we have helped a vast number of multinationals realise their procurement objectives by developing their knowledge, skills and capabilities.

During this period of over a decade of experience, we’ve developed a ‘Roadmap to Competence Excellence in Procurement’ (R-CEPt ™) consisting of 5 steps in order to provide the best-fit solution to you as our valued customer.

Step 1: Goal Setting

Where do we want to go?

Define the starting point based on your business objectives, procurement targets and organisation maturity.

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Step 2: Capability Scan

What do we need to improve?
Discover the gaps in behaviour, knowledge and skills and the potential for development.

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Step 3: Best Fit Solution

How to get there? Define development plans to close the gaps in the most efficient and effective way.

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Step 4: Apply & Practice

How to get to real-life application?

Drive implementation in your own environment supported by innovative learning methods.

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Step 5: Measure Results

What does it bring in the end? Define ROI by measuring both business results and capability improvement.

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What can the R-CEPT™ model mean for your business?


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